Quality Assurance

With its knowledge base, experience, and latest technology, Quality Assurance Department inspects all products starting from raw material to final product delivery to the customers using production quality control method. With its latest technology labs, raw materials and production parts are checked quality continuously for quality.

Metrology Laboratory
Quality assurance department is supplied with the measurement devices and equipment to make sure all production measurement needs are fulfilled. Precision measurements that cannot be achieved during production are carried out at the measurement lab. Roundness, raceway form, roughness, squareness, waviness, concentricity, etc. test are followed under production quality control plan. Calibration and incoming material inspections are also carried out at the metrology lab.

In these laboratories, roundness measurement devices, cylindrical geometry measurement devices, video camera measurement systems, coordinate measurement devices, profile projection, contour profile analysis and precise diameter measurement devices are available.

Chemical Laboratory
In the chemical laboratory, metal machining fluids, heat treatment fluids, conservation oils, solvents and detergent analysis are carried out for bearings and bearing components. Ph concentration, corrosion, stability, nitride, boron, dropping point, flash point, penetration, viscosity measurements, as well as testing cutting fluids, conservation oils and greases.

Metallography Laboratory
Fully equipped and accredited metallography laboratories inspect all incomuing material for microstructure, micro cleanliness, chemical composition, etc. In addition, tests are run for mechanical properties of low-carbon steel cage and shield materials.

Regular post heat treatment tests such as hardness, microstructure, ovality, taper, expansion, etc. are run at the metallography lab.