Hot Forging
By induction heating above 1000 ºC (1832 ºF), bars are fed to high speed, automatic Hot Forging Presses with loads of up to 200, 380 and 900 tons. Depending on material diameter, 1 to 2 pieces are formed every second.

Cutting operation is pacticed on steel tubes for larger size bearings where forging operation is not applicable.

Forged rings are then heat treated to achieve a homogenous microstructure for further processing.

Cold Roll Forming
Forged and heat treated rings are then enlarged by Cold Roll Forming.
This operation expands the ring homogeneously in all sections, and improves the mechanical properties of the material.

Turning operation is carried out by CNC turning centers and automated lines of single spindle machines.

Heat Treatment
Rings are then heat treated in specifically designed and controlled atmospheric furnaces, ensuring material has a long service life.

Cages and shields are produced from deep drawn steel strip in multiple-station, fully automatic presses. Roto-finishing removes all the burrs.

Dimensional and working accuracy of bearing rings is achieved by grinding and super-finishing of the face, outer diameter, bore diameter and raceways. Tolerances are measured in microns.

Bearing components are assembled in fully automatic lines with 100% control of the associated parameters. After matching of inner and outer rings, balls are inserted, cage is placed and riveted, bearing greased, and finally shields and seals are placed. The produced bearing is 100% tested, final inspection checks prior to the final stage are performed, and bearings are preserved with conservation oil.

The last step in production is packing based on customer requirements. Standard and/or special packing is available to provide the most convenient form of packing for customers.