Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

In order to provide the best possible service and be a sought after brand for its customer, as a bearing manufacturer, ORS shall;

1. Meet with the expectations of all related parties and to committed to provide all necessary resources for this,
2. Promote an approach with risk analysis on mind for everything we do,
3. Develop processes and designs with the most up-to-date tecnologies,
4. Manufacture with zero-defect,
5. Establish a quality management system and continuous improvement structure,

Adopt as its Quality Policy.

Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

ORTADOĞU RULMAN SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. accepts environmental protection , occupational health and safety as an important part of responsibility of an industry organization.

In bearing production environment we are committed to;
1. Comply with the national and international laws related to environmental, occupational health and safety
2. Disseminate the environmental protection, occupational health and safety awareness to all employees by required training activities,
3. Make decisions compatible with the environment for new investment and technology, those providing occupational health and safety,
4. Choose recyclable resources not harming the environment and occupational health,
5. Use chemical substances in our production processes in compliance with national and international legal regulations,
6. To take accountability in connection with the consequences of waste management and environmental impacts,
7. To meet the expectations of the parties concerned with processes affecting the HES system,
8. To avoid environmental contamination and protect the environment by decomposing wastes at its source, to make studies for reducing the usage of natural resources and keeping all of these under control by monitoring the measurement results,
9. Do necessary activities to reduce climate change,
10. Reduce the potential risks at work environments and make improvements to protect the health and safety of employees,
11. Provide adequate resources for reaching planned EHS targets and encouraging continuous improvements.

Energy Policy

As an organization aware of the responsibility of Energy Management, we are committed to fulfill the following issues in order to reduce energy consumption and cost in all our processes:

1. To comply with the legal and other conditions related to energy,
2. To continuously improve the energy performance,
3. To provide necessary information and resources to reach the energy related objectives and targets,
4. To provide energy-efficient products and services for all processes,
5. To consider energy efficiency at every stage of the processes,
6. To raise the awareness of our employees and stakeholders on energy efficiency.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy

As ORS Bearings, we are working for leaving happy and healthy world to young generations by centralizing sustainability approach. We adopt a perspective which involves not only our own operations, but also our suppliers’ operations.

Following are the basic principles of ORS;
• To establish long-term business relationships based on mutual honesty, transparency, trust and respect with the suppliers who are specialized on their fields.
• To provide working conditions and to respect the environment with suppliers in accordance with contracts and agreements of International Labour Organisation (ILO), United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and national laws.
• To establish sincere, honest, respectful, fair, unbiased and transparent business relationships by ensuring fairness of all procurement activities including supplier selection and fulfilling our responsibilities to suppliers.
• To work with local and international suppliers to provide our customers competitive prices without compromising our understanding of quality, environmental ethics, occupational health and safety, and information security.
• To create a sustainable supply chain culture for the environment and society as a role model of sustainability and social responsibility with all our stakeholders in the supply chain.
• To encourage suppliers by cooperating with them to ensure continuous improvement for reaching competitive level in prices which our customers expect and maintaining the level.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy in accordance with Basic Principles;
• To conduct purchasing operations in parallel with ORS's policies and procedures.
• To make purchases from the reliable suppliers who also focus on customer satisfaction and conscious about occupational health and safety, environment, information security and social responsibility in our Approved Supplier List.
• To establish long term and continuous business relationships based on mutual trust, effective communication and understanding of partnership in the business.
• To work with suppliers who support ORS to produce highly competitive products with strong quality price balance, and run continuous improvement projects by following current developments and technologies closely.
• To work with suppliers who pay strict attention to privacy rules, are committed to the confidentiality of the ORS’s information and do not share with the third parties.
• To work with suppliers who do not overshadow mutual trust and respect; avoid humiliation, human trafficking, fraud, deceit and bribery; and conduct operations within the framework of laws by standing apart illegal activities.
• To work with suppliers who give priority to occupational safety and health, comply with national and international rules and regulations for environmental protection, and practice Code of Conduct completely.
• To work with the suppliers who use environmentally-friendly methods to package and deliver the products procured for ORS,
• To work with the suppliers who provide an appropriate and fair working environment for their employees by validating the decisions and applications within the scope of the basic employee rights such as working conditions, wages, working hours, freedom of association and right of the collective bargaining, offer equal rights for their employees, do not allow non-discrimination (e.g. language, race, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect and etc.), and are against child labour,
• To work with the suppliers who are financially qualified and can manage their financial risks,
• To work with the suppliers who meet the standards and conditions (RoHS, ELV, REACH, MSDS and IMDS) internationally accepted about reliability of the products,
RoHS: The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive European Union 2002/95/EC
ELV: The End-of-Life Vehicle Directive European Union 2000/53/EC
REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
IMDS: International Material Data System

• To work with the suppliers who do not use “conflict metals and minerals” (Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, Gold) that are procured from and contributed to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries in the products supplied to ORS within the scope of “Conflicting Minerals” policy,

All suppliers have to procure the products in accordance “Supplier Sustainability Policy”. A preventive action report is immediately requested from the suppliers, which do not comply the policy. Our commercial relations with the suppliers which cannot resolve the non-conformities within a certain period are suspended or may be terminated.

If you wish to share a suspicious behavior or a breach of the code of business conduct, you can contact with the ORS Plant Manager by using the following communication methods:
Phone: +90 (312) 648 00 10
Email: plant@ors.com.tr, etik.ihbar@ors.com.tr

ORS shall maintain confidentiality on a person who asked for recommendation in good faith, he reported any suspicious behavior or possible breach of the code of business conduct of the supplier, and shall not tolerate any penalties imposed or retaliations against the person in question.

General Manager